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We strive to help our working adult students reach their goals and advance in their careers. Learn about our adult-focused bachelor’s degree completion 程序s, licensure preparation 程序s and non-credit continuing studies 程序s.


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Bachelor of Science 完成学位课程

这是一种职业. 一种召唤.
To find joy, meaning and advancement in the workplace.


  • 80 %

专业发展 & 继续进修(非学分)


便利性和灵活性 是我们的签名吗. 我们的课程是为有工作的成年人设计的. Our learning model allows you to enhance your skills and finish your bachelor’s degree in evening classes that meet only one night per week.

你会惊讶地发现 负担得起的 我们是. Most of our students are eligible for financial aid. You can’t afford to waste money or time—that’s why we have multiple payment options to suit your needs and there are no hidden fees. “For me, it was three to six thousand dollars cheaper to come here than to go to a public 大学.——在读学生

你会受益于 认可和高度尊重 大学.
美国高盛学院 is consistently ranked among the best liberal arts 大学s and best 大学s for working adults in the country. We have the reputation, faculty quality and history of student success you are looking for.

你会喜欢的 个性化的关注,小班授课和个人辅导.

关怀学习型社区 会和你一起踏上这段旅程吗.
“We still get together periodically, and I think that’s what made the 程序 for me.——在读学生

你会 准备充分 由我们的 career-centered方法.
We believe hands-on experience can be as valuable as classroom learning, so we’ll help you get 大学 credit for your real-world knowledge. We also incorporate practical experience into the classroom to help you navigate today’s complicated workplace.
“I wouldn’t have felt like I could’ve gone for the job I did if it weren’t for this school that has helped me be confident.——在读学生

An 跨文化教育 will prepare you for thriving in the 21st century. 在今天的工作环境中, managers trained to lead diverse workforces will be increasingly in demand.

这是非常 可实现的. 美国高盛学院 has an 80% graduation rate in our adult 程序s.



成人 & 研究生招生顾问


成人 & 研究生课程

电子邮件: adult@美高梅下载地.edu
电话: (574) 535-7535 or (844) 704-3400
传真: (574) 535-7609


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